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Renters Insurance in Texas

Renting an apartment in Austin, TX requires you to have a renter’s insurance. As the tenant, it's your landlord's duty to cover the walls, the floor, and the ceiling but not his responsibility to cover your damaged television or refrigerator. Accidents happen where you may lose valuable items in your rented apartment.

Let's face it, replacing household items could be one of the most financially draining activities in one's life. At Austinite Insurance Agency LLC, we recommend tenants to purchase renters insurance to protect themselves from unexpected damages.

What does a Texas renters insurance cover?

Personal items like Furniture, appliances, and electronics

Personal belongings like clothes, shoes, bags, and personal effect are all covered under renter’s insurance in case they're damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed. Expensive items in the house like electronics are also covered in your renter's insurance based on your coverage limit.

Loss of use

If your rented apartment is rendered uninhabitable, your renter's insurance ensures that you find somewhere comfortable to stay in the time being and reimburses all costs incurred in the process.

Medical costs for others

In case of accidents in your home where a guest or a neighbor gets injured, your insurance policy will help pay the medical bills. Also, when someone slips and breaks a bone in your home or your pet bites a visitor, this policy helps pay for the medical expenses.

Damage done to other peoples' property

In an apartment, it's very easy to get into trouble with other tenants. For instance, if you forgot to turn off your taps and left for a weekend vacation, leaving the water to flood your neighbor's residence damaging their electronic equipment, your renter's insurance policy can cover the damage.

Renters insurance provide coverage for a wide range of emergencies which may command a comparatively large sum of money at once. Let Austinite Insurance Agency LLC in Austin, TX protect what's essential to you most. For quotes or policy discussions, visit us or call to speak with an agent.

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