Unusual Things Covered by Home Insurance

Your home insurance in Austin, TX can cover some pretty unusual things, whether it’s a property that is out of the ordinary or a unique named peril. An Agent at Austinite Insurance Agency LLC can help you determine if these items are included in your policy.

  • Gravestones: Cemeteries can often be targeted by vandals, and gravestones are considered personal property and can be claimed if they are damaged.
  • Dorm Room Burglary: College students are covered under their parents’ homeowners insurance, so their belongings are protected. Insurance will help replace stolen items and property damage. There can be some age restrictions and protection may not be offered for off-campus housing.
  • Fire Department Charges: Fires in a home can be devastating, and fire departments may also charge for their services. A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a lot of the costs, even if there are limits.
  • Animal Stampedes: It may sound a little crazy, but if your home or property is damaged by a herd of wild animals, you are covered. Damage is usually only covered by animals that are wild. If you live near a farm, you would have to seek compensation from the farm instead of the insurance company.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup: Many people will never have to experience this, but your insurance could cover the clean up that follows a suicide, homicide, or other death. Not every policy will cover this, but most do.
  • Falling Objects: If something falls from the sky, you could be covered unless they are specifically excluded.
  • Trees, Grass, and Plants: Curb appeal is an integral part of any home and, if someone drives a car through your landscaping, it can be expensive to replace. Policies will have a limit, but landscaping can be covered.
  • Food Spoilage: If a storm knocks out power, food spoilage can be a concern. The limit is often low, but it’s a cost that homeowners won’t have to pay if they are responsible for other repairs.  

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