Is Umbrella Insurance for me?

If you live in Austin, TX, you probably must have already taken steps to purchase insurance coverage for both your family and property. However, do you think the primary home, auto, boat, condo or renters insurance offers you enough coverage? Well, probably not because accidents know no limits.

What you need is insurance back up–Umbrella insurance or ‘excess liability coverage’. Umbrella insurance is an additional coverage that protects you from major claims and lawsuits.

Is it for me?

Many people assume that only the wealthy or people with huge properties need umbrella insurance, but it is not the case.  Since umbrella insurance is additional coverage, anyone may need it to cover for the extra costs when your home or auto insurance is not adequate to cover for all the loss or damage.

Umbrella insurance only comes in when your standard policies are depleted, meaning that it can only be used if your home or boat insurance isn’t adequate. At Austinite Insurance Agency LLC, we know that accidents and lawsuits are inevitable. That is why we recommend umbrella insurance because we care about your overall well-being.

What is covered

Unlike other necessary insurance policies, umbrella insurance covers more than just a single area. The policy can literally shield you financially in any basic policy that is rendered inadequate to cover all your financial needs. For instance, you are driving and you accidentally get involved in an accident whereby you injure someone. The medical bills exceed your auto insurance’s limits. Your umbrella insurance will pick up from there and pay the rest of the bill.

Umbrella insurance is basically for everyone who needs extra coverage–well we all do. Let Austinite Insurance Agency LLC help you get covered today. Call or visit our offices in Austin, TX for quotes or policy discussions.

3 Reasons to Get Flood Insurance Today

Part of owning a home is protecting your investment. A flood can cause massive damage to your property and even if you reside outside of a flood zone in Austin, TX, getting insurance from Austinite Insurance Agency LLC is a smart move for these three reasons. 

Protecting Your Home

Even if you live outside of a major flood zone, your property can still become quickly damaged by even a minor flood. FEMA states that around 25% of flood insurance claims come from outside of high-risk areas. This type of insurance also tends to be more affordable in less flood-prone areas. This is a case of better safe than sorry because…

Flooding Causes Massive Damage 

Flood damage is usually major, even in the small case of small floods. Flooding damages foundations lead to rot and can damage the personal items that get swept up in the flooding. Even if your home isn’t floating down the river, having even 1 inch of water soaking into the foundation of your home can require major, costly repairs that flood insurance helps protect against. 

Not Having Flood Insurance is a Risk

Once a flood starts, it’s hard to prevent the damage to your property—and at that point, it’s too late to go shopping for flood insurance policies. Rather than bailing out your basement and hoping the damage is just superficial, having a policy in place gives you the peace of mind you need while you’re away on vacation or eases your worries about today’s unpredictable weather. 

Protect your Austin, TX area home and put your mind at ease by calling Austinite Insurance Agency LLC today!

3 Reasons You Need Condo Insurance

Although condo insurance isn’t mandatory, it can help you protect your property and valuables against theft or loss. If you’ve taken a mortgage on your condo, your lender may require that you have insurance coverage. At Austinite Insurance Agency LLC in Austin, TX, we can customize a condo insurance policy to suit your specific needs. Here’s why you should have a personal condo insurance policy:  

Protect Your Personal Unit

Your condo’s Master Insurance Policy is designed to cover the exterior of your building and common areas such as tennis court, pool, clubhouse, etc. To protect the interior of your unit, you need your own policy.

Property building coverage will ensure the interior of your unit is covered in case of damage or loss. This insurance protects your walls, floors, cabinetry, sinks and other permanent fixtures against damage caused by fire, smoke, storms or other perils covered under your policy. If you’ve made renovations to your unit, they will be protected as well if you add them to your policy.  

Protect Your Goods

Personal property coverage protects your goods like clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics and any other items you own. If you’re wondering if this coverage is worth it, consider how much you’d have to pay to replace designer clothes or costly electronics on your own. This insurance also covers your belongings when you travel. If posh jewelry is stolen from your car while on vacation, you can make a claim under your condo insurance personal property coverage.

Liability Protection

Liability insurance protects you against lawsuits if someone were to be hurt on your property. Accidents happen all the time. Liability coverage will pay for medical expenses of those who are injured or legal expenses of a lawsuit if the injured party sues for damages.  

To learn more about condo insurance coverage and costs, contact Austinite Insurance Agency LLC, Austin, TX.

When to Shop for New Auto Insurance

Like many of your monthly expenses, auto insurance can change over time. One of the best ways to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible is to shop around every once in a while. There are certain times in life when you will want to make changes to your insurance. These are good times to shop around for the best rates. The friendly staff at Austinite Insurance Agency LLC, serving Austin, TX and surrounding areas, can help you find the best policy for your current situation. Here are a few examples of times to shop for new insurance.

Getting Married

If you have just gotten married or are planning to get married soon, you will want to evaluate your insurance policies. Policies change dramatically after marriage. Not only are you adding another person to your policy, but you may now be eligible for married discounts which you were not previously eligible for.

Buying a New Car

When you purchase a new car, it is very likely that your car insurance will change. This is an excellent time to check and see if you are getting the best deal possible. It is also a good idea to consider your new car insurance needs before purchasing your car, rather than after.

Getting Older

Car insurance rates will change with age. In most cases, this means better rates as you get older. To make sure you are getting all of the discounts you deserve, you should shop around every few years and see what other insurance agencies have to offer.

If you would like to learn more about how your car insurance could be changing, please contact our friendly staff at Austinite Insurance Agency LLC serving Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Kind of Commercial Property Insurance Options Should I Consider?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of commercial insurance is if you rent your property you don’t need to invest in property insurance. That, however, is not the case. While the property owner has insurance that protects the property in the event of damage, it does not cover what is inside of the building. Due to this, if you sustain damage to hardware, your merchandise, or other equipment within the building, you will likely need to pay for it out of pocket. That is why commercial property insurance is critical. If you run a business around metro Austin, TX, the team at Austinite Insurance Agency LLC can help you select what insurance options are right for you. 

Own the Property

When you own your property, there is a very specific kind of property insurance you will want. This covers the physical building of your business. This way, if something happens to the building itself, you will have it covered, although you should talk with your insurance provider about flood and earthquake insurance to see if you’re protected. 

Inside the Property

Regular property insurance does not often protect the actual contents of what is inside the building. Due to this, you’ll want to find insurance that protects the property as well. This way, you can protect your machinery, merchandise, and everything else that is located within the building. 

No matter the kind of business you run, it is crucial for you to invest in the right commercial insurance. Commercial property insurance will safeguard the investments you’ve made inside of the property, ranging from equipment to saved merchandise. If you run your business around the greater Austin, TX area, Austinite Insurance Agency LLC is here and can help you. Reach out to our office to get a quote and have your questions answered.

Unusual Things Covered by Home Insurance

Your home insurance in Austin, TX can cover some pretty unusual things, whether it’s a property that is out of the ordinary or a unique named peril. An Agent at Austinite Insurance Agency LLC can help you determine if these items are included in your policy.

  • Gravestones: Cemeteries can often be targeted by vandals, and gravestones are considered personal property and can be claimed if they are damaged.
  • Dorm Room Burglary: College students are covered under their parents’ homeowners insurance, so their belongings are protected. Insurance will help replace stolen items and property damage. There can be some age restrictions and protection may not be offered for off-campus housing.
  • Fire Department Charges: Fires in a home can be devastating, and fire departments may also charge for their services. A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a lot of the costs, even if there are limits.
  • Animal Stampedes: It may sound a little crazy, but if your home or property is damaged by a herd of wild animals, you are covered. Damage is usually only covered by animals that are wild. If you live near a farm, you would have to seek compensation from the farm instead of the insurance company.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup: Many people will never have to experience this, but your insurance could cover the clean up that follows a suicide, homicide, or other death. Not every policy will cover this, but most do.
  • Falling Objects: If something falls from the sky, you could be covered unless they are specifically excluded.
  • Trees, Grass, and Plants: Curb appeal is an integral part of any home and, if someone drives a car through your landscaping, it can be expensive to replace. Policies will have a limit, but landscaping can be covered.
  • Food Spoilage: If a storm knocks out power, food spoilage can be a concern. The limit is often low, but it’s a cost that homeowners won’t have to pay if they are responsible for other repairs.  

Contact Austinite Insurance Agency LLC, serving Austin, TX, to get a quote for home insurance.